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Hey guys! One of our salon family members lost her brother last week. We are trying to raise money for Kari to be able to give him a proper funeral. We have almost hit our goal!! Any kind of donation would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!


Posted on April 1, 2015 .

And a little about myself! I'm Taylor!

So this is a little weird, but I'm gonna tell YOU bout ME!

I've had the pleasure of being in the Beauty Industry for about 5 years now. I've been fortunate enough to be blessed beyond measures when it comes to my career. About three years ago I decided to challenge myself. I wasn't happy where I was at and realized it was with my two hands and my very own two feet that I could change that. I switched up the logistics of my career and my approach to the industry. I pushed myself WAY out of my comfort zone. I lived my life and got to meet all these incredible people I've been introducing you to. These people I tell you about are very dear to me. They are NOT just bodies that work with me. They have kept me going when I am weak, they push me, they love me, they LIVE life with me. I'm grateful that I get to enjoy my career and my life with the people who have helped mold me into who I am today.
I would have to say that Color is most certainly my first love. I am constantly distracted and fascinated by color in nature, texture in just about everything,and movement within the hair. I'm really surprised, but I've had this switch in my brain and I LOVE doing mens cuts! I've also gotten to play around with beards...and that's another service I've grown to really enjoy. I am also a Wella Educator. I get to travel to salons & schools and teach color theory, applications, guide photo-shoots, and constantly am learning myself. With that being said, my schedule is a LITTLE nutty. I would be honored to see what we can come up with for YOU and YOUR hair! 
If you wanna follow me on Instagram, please do! @Taylor_PantherCity.
Or if you wanna read my bio, it's on the

Posted on April 1, 2015 .

Joelle knows whats up!

La-da-da-daaaaa, it's JOELLE! I've been waiting to tell you about Joelle for some time! I met Joelle at the very beginning of my Cosmetology adventures! At the time, she was one of my Educators at the school I attended. So naturally, I've always looked up to Joelle. I most certainly wouldn't be where I am in my career today if she wasn't involved somehow. Her sense of style is inspiring and bold. Her heart is JUST as reflective! She currently teaches at Paul Mitchell in Arlington. With that being said, her schedule is limited. She is indeed, however, still taking new clients! With years of experience under her belt, years of guiding people to their dreams, and years of constantly getting the most current education, Joelle is top notch. Check out some of her work in Instagram @masalass 
Check out her bio on ,and catch this babe while ya can smile emoticon .

Posted on April 1, 2015 .

Thoroughly Modern Megan!

Meeeeooowwww....right?! I know! This beauty is Megan! If you haven't come by and met her yet allow me to personally invite you! FELLAS...this girl has a DOPE fade! Seriously!! So clean and so seamless, none of you will walk away less than thrilled. Just allow me to touch on this one more time...she is AMAZING at mens cuts!! Dude and let me tell you, this girl and make up is freakin awesome! She's into classic make up, no doubt. I have seen some really good FX make up in my time....some of it by Megan. I'm talking theatrical make up! Bruises, Blood, and FANTASY! So seriously, she's also really, really, creative with color. The depths of this ladies brain is outstanding! She is so very passionate, so very creative, and so very consistent. Megan is a very NATURAL beauty. I know she's the bee's-knee's with all the super creative elements of our industry. Making natural, flawless color is just as creative. She's gifted there too! May your hair needs Rest in Peace, Megan is here. Check out her bio on , you know the drill. Or Instagram @ megan_panthercity

Posted on March 11, 2015 .

Chelsea, at your service!!

Have ya met Chelsea? Well, allow me!!! 
I've been a friend of Chelsea's back when I worked in a salon in Arlington. She and I have kept touch over the years and when Panther City Salon started to take off, having her HERE was a MUST! She has a really unique sense of style and an amazing personality with a very hard work ethic. I knew she would fit in with Panther City Salon and our vision...and WUDDYA KNOW! She sure has! Chelsea has always been fantastic at fantasy hair, and she's also a Certified Extention Specialist! THIS IS NOT ALL SHE'S AMAZING AT! Her color techniques and her color formulas have skyrocketed into full bad-a-ness. She is also pretty involved with the Fairmount Neighborhood Library!! Something new and exciting round the block! Check her out! Book with her! You wont regret it! Full bio is on under the "About Us' tab then click on "PantherCityStylists" IG

Posted on March 11, 2015 .

Sarah is surely your Gal! Sarah. Sarah is another one of our machines! Nothing is out of reach for her. She has a pretty keen eye for color. Sarah is extremely talented with Balayage and Free Hand Painting. She's quick, precise, and excited about the process along the way. Whenever you come and get ANY service from Sarah you can expect a pretty amazing finish out! So you can walk out feeling 10 times more fantastic than you did before you came in! She does make up also! Sarah is one of our "in house" Make Up Artists. If you need make up in salon or off site, this is your girl. Feel free to find her on Instagram! @sarah_panthercity41 She is always posting pictures of her work, so be sure and check it out! Remember, if you want to come see Sarah, booking with her is your best bet! Don't forget! 817.921.1700

Posted on March 11, 2015 .

Heeeeere's Heather!!

Jump in, Jump out, and intooor intoooooor-duce yourself! HEATHER!! Oh Heather, what a pistol! I know we all love what we do for a living here at Panther City Salon….but Heather REALLY loves her job! You can just tell. You can feel her energy, it’s contagious. With that being said you will leave Heather feeling like a TRILLION bucks and like you can take over the WORLD! She has been licensed for 3 years. We have another loaded educator on our hands. Heather also educates for Sebastian. This is something she is very passionate about and very active with. Keep that in mind when you want to schedule with her. She’s a busy lady on the road spreading Sebastian love and education! I want to give a extra special pat on the back for all her hard work on the What's Next Awards Competition! Curious?! You should be. Check out her Instagram, as she is very active and interesting to follow! @heatherpaigelankford

Posted on March 11, 2015 .

Valentines Day is our FAVORITE!

Hey peeps! This upcoming week we will be offering 20% off services Monday through Friday to get you all ready for Valentine's day. Saturday, February 14th we will be having a dessert food truck come out and give the FIRST 100 guests free cupcakes! Also, we will be offering 1/2 off diamax blowouts and 1/2 off scalp renew treatments for Her and Him on Saturday. Come on by!!

Posted on February 5, 2015 .