Kristina Medina Proves Hard Work Pays Off

Excerpt from Dallas Voyage Magazine July 16, 2019

When I was about eight years old, my version of fun was sweeping hair off the floor for my mom’s hairstylist. I remember the unique smell of her salon and it always drew me inside. I would always admire the hair once she was finished and the look of happiness each of her guests felt when they left her chair. It truly is a special feeling when you rise from your hairstylist’s chair feeling refreshed and looking your best. With that memory in the back of my mind, that to me is what I strive to give to each of my guests when they leave the salon.

Before going into the world of beauty, I pursued another dream of mine and played softball in college. Despite sports being one of my passions, I can remember learning to do a single braid right down the middle of my hair in my college dorm room, it wasn’t perfect, but I remember being so proud of myself. That’s when I truly felt the urge to pursue cosmetology. After two years in college, I toured Paul Mitchell the School. I knew this is where I needed to be, and enrolled, and that is where my hair journey began. The culture and foundation of hair that I gained from Paul Mitchell molded me into the stylist I am today. From the Elite Phase II program to traveling to Las Vegas for advanced cutting & coloring classes in my early years, I was fully engulfed and determined to be the best for all of my clients.

I have been doing hair for almost seven years, specializing in balayage, bridal/event hairstyling, and hair extensions. As hair has changed throughout the years, this propelled me into finding another passion of learning to do hair extensions. I knew I wanted to expand my brand by being certified in all methods, from clip-ins tape-in to i-tip (microbeads) to the new hand-tied method. I think it is important to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the hair world.

What truly differentiates me from others, is that I have learned much more than just technique, but how to provide the most value for each of my guests. When making a change, such as their hair, I have learned that what every guest wants is to be heard and I consider this to be the most important component for the salon experience. I believe that because I take the time to listen and care, this is why my guests trust my professional opinion to accomplish their hair dreams.

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Stylist Kristina Medina

Stylist Kristina Medina

Posted on October 16, 2019 .

Arkansas Native Rebecca Foster Now Calls Texas Home

Excerpt from Dallas Voyage Magazine June 5, 2019

I moved from Arkansas to Texas the summer after I turned 19. I was born and raised there and lived in the same house my entire life. Moving was definitely a transition. My parents were nearing retirement age (they’re a little older for how young I am). I have siblings significantly older than myself who have children and my parents wanted to be near them. Texas just so happened to be where they all lived with Fort Worth being central to all of them. I tend to use that as the reason my parents uprooted our entire life but I know that they knew what I was going through (even though I never outwardly admitted it) and needed to be physically removed from the situation because I was not doing so myself.

I was in and out of college, still allowing myself to see and stay in contact with someone who made me mentally unhealthy. I had always had an interest in hair but my dad was concerned that it would not be a lucrative career. He wanted me to have the college experience he did but my mind was somewhere else so I did not make the most out of it. Finally, after what felt like my 10th time re-enrolling, I did my research and found that I could actually make a decent living as a hairstylist.

In the meantime, I met the love of my life. We both worked at Buckle. When I first saw him I thought he was the sexiest human I’d ever seen! I still think so. To this day we are happily married and he balances out my high energy with being so laid back. I excelled in cosmetology school. I loved every bit of it. A lot of stylists hate cosmetology school but it was so refreshing for me to have something fun to do every day!

When I finished I started at Drybar, not really sure where to go from there. It got very repetitive and boring after a while. I knew I was meant for more in the industry. That’s when I reached out to a former instructor, Joelle Sullivan, and she referred me to Panther City Salon. I was fortunate enough to land under the hands of Heather Lankford-Young and Jacky Reyna for an apprenticeship program. I bounced between the two of them for a while until I eventually landed full time under Heather. A year later she’s pushing me out of my comfort zone and I’ve “graduated” from her mentorship. Since then I have been working behind the chair full time at Panther City and enjoying every second of it. I plan to create my own apprenticeship program much like the one Heather provided for me. I feel like it was the most beneficial step I have taken in my career and I think more up and coming stylists should do it.

I work at Panther City Salon and feel like I could not have made a better career move for myself. I specialize in blonding and hand-tied extensions. I find that both of them are therapeutic. I’m most proud of how far my career has evolved in the last year. It is a strange feeling evolving into full-blown adulthood. Having those realizations is kind of surreal.

I have told my husband this a few times. I felt like I was lucky in the sense that I fell into the perfect apprenticeship program. Then right around the time I completed it, Panther City chose to expand their business and relocate to a bigger and better location. This provided me the opportunity to expand my career independently with PCS. Not to mention my parents created the best atmosphere to grow up in. They provided me with everything a child could possibly imagine.

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Stylist Rebecca Foster

Stylist Rebecca Foster

Posted on October 3, 2019 .

How Jodi Anderson Is Using Her Gifts

Excerpt from Dallas Voyage Magazine June 5, 2019

My whole life art and people are simply two things I could not get enough of. I knew growing up God gave me a talent and I simply needed to figure out how to put it into perspective!

Hair has been my passion since I could remember… I started getting in trouble early on cutting my dolls and barbies hair (haha) then moved up to doing all my friend’s hair from kitchen coloring to braids for sporting events and dances. I never thought “I could make it solely on hair” so I made sure to start my journey off by going to school to get my business degree just to ensure a steady livelihood for myself. As I sat day in and out behind a desk listening to professors, taking long credit hours, almost falling asleep daily to ‘numbers’ I knew I needed to get my hands dirty and dip my life into COLOR!

Panther City Salon is where I call home! I am surrounded by what I consider legends, teachers, and artists in this industry! Over the last few years, my mind has exploded with more and more passion/love of the industry. Every day, I walk into the doors is a new challenge! It’s defiantly not always easy and has its ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade what I do for the world.

There honestly isn’t one thing in the hair industry I don’t like to do. My co-workers would tell you that my strengths are color, formal styling, hospitality. The detail and time I put into my work are what I would say sets me apart. Color and placement ring a little tune in my ear it just is something I love to do whether it’s a redhead or a blonde I find beauty in it all.

Styling… is therapeutic and challenging, from freestyle to pictures I love to create an idea in front of me! My goal is to always have my clients leave amazed and overjoyed, excited for their next adventure with me!

I consider my talent for hair a gift! I have always tried to give back what the Lord has blessed me with. Whether it be my time, money, or services to those in need. Making a living doing what I love is simply a bonus.

One day, I hope to fulfill my dreams of having a team of stylists go from the inner city to as far as overseas creating a mission of beauty is love! Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, why not spread love like confetti!? Proverbs 3:27-28. A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” The Lord has created me in His image to share all he has to offer… whether that be kindness in the work of my hands or the words I speak! We all are fearfully and wonderfully made perfect in His image!

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Stylist Jodi Anderson

Stylist Jodi Anderson

Posted on September 23, 2019 .

The Blessings Continue to Flow for Olivia Anton

Excerpt from Voyage Dallas Magazine – June 5, 2019

I work at Panther City Salon. It is in the historical part of Ft. Worth. The services that I offer are cuts, colors, and blowouts! I specialize in cutting the Bob haircut. It is absolutely my favorite things to do. I have always been amazed by the structure and precision of Vidal Sassoon’s cuts. So, on point and evokes emotion with his cuts. I love to do the Bob cut on my clients. It so awesome to see a haircut go from drab to fab in one sitting! What sets me apart from just doing a cookie cutter Bob on every person is that I customize it to the shape of their head, so it fits THEM.

I enjoy all over colors and grey coverage the most color wise. I do offer Highlights and Balayage as well! The type of Balayage I like to do is what I have deemed. Simple Balayage. Meaning you don’t have to do a lot to give your hair a little spice. My clientele is your business working woman and mom who don’t always have the time to spend six hours every six weeks in the salon. Although, sometimes it’s inevitable to spend that many hours in the salon depending on what your desired outcome is. BUT with simple Balayage, I try to make it do-able for clients who like that look but catering it to them.
I like to say, “Simple hair Simple life.”

What sets me apart from others and what I find the most exciting is that I like for my clients to bring their inspiration pictures in and then we find a way to incorporate what they love about that picture and cater it to them with what’s doable with their lifestyle. Even if people say your hair is beautiful but you don’t feel like yourself, it’s not worth it.

The one thing I am so proud of where I work is the community and friendships we have with one another. Whenever someone is down and out someone is always ready to jump in and find a way to help them get back on their feet. We try to make each other feel loved and valued. We are always willing to share what we learn and know so others can prosper too.

Because of God’s blessing, here, I have been at Panther City Salon for four years! I love working at Panther City salon and I can’t wait to meet you and hear your story! C’mon, I’ll be waiting!

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Stylist Olivia Anton

Stylist Olivia Anton

Posted on September 5, 2019 .

Savannah Curbelo-Thomas Follows Her Passion

Excerpt from Voyage Dallas Magazine – May 15, 2019

“This is what I want to do… hair. I really want to do hair.” I was in the 10th grade and had styled a couple of girlfriends and my own hair for prom. Shortly after, my bestie let me cut her hair on my bedroom floor. (Thanks Linds, haha.) Once I felt that creative energy, I was in love. Really from the time I could walk, I was stealing lipstick and high heels from my mom and Abuela. You see… I’m half Cuban and we Cuban women are EXTRA! It was meant to be haha. So, I did pursue some traditional college education after high school but I just couldn’t figure out what could keep me motivated. I was bored. And I needed a change. At this point, I was a single mom of soon to be two kids and I needed to make some money and I knew I needed to be in control of my success at this point also. I had to be real with myself and really ask what it meant to ME to be successful. I enrolled in cosmetology school. This time, I was going to choose passion over security and it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.

 So, essentially, I am a half social artist, half mad scientist. Over the course of my career, I have spent the majority of my time doing lightening services ie balayage, foiling, global bleaching, and color correcting with a wide range of cutting techniques. I am probably most known for my honesty and my head massages! Haha. I mean once you get a relaxing head massage, does anything else really matter? I think what I am most proud of as a brand are my creative and scientific approaches while improving the hairs health. The trust that you build with your clients when they know you have their best interest at heart is irreplaceable.

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Savannah Curbelo-Thomas.png
Posted on August 22, 2019 .

Madison Villo Finds Her Niche and Gets Inspired

Excerpt from Voyage Dallas Magazine – April 24, 2019

The first time I cut someone’s hair was in 2008 I think. I intently watched my hairstylist every time she would cut my hair to figure out what she was doing. I found a straight razor and decided to try it on my own hair. After giving it a go on myself and my friends, I knew that I wanted to be a hairstylist. I graduated from cosmetology school in 2013. I’ve spent every day since working up, growing, and discovering my niche.

I do both color and cuts but I specialize in razor cutting & shags. I love creating haircuts for my clients that look good without having to put a ton of effort into. I am so inspired by ’70s shags and ’80s rocker hair.

I find someone new to be inspired by all the time. My mom, my friends, the stylists I work with, all the successful stylists I follow. All with different traits to be inspired by. Caregivers, business owners, artists, etc. All making the world a better place a little bit at a time.

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Madison Giving One of Her Signature Cuts

Madison Giving One of Her Signature Cuts

Posted on August 8, 2019 .

Taryn Bolt Named Trailblazer by Voyage Dallas Magazine for Her Work with House of Hope for Autism

Excerpt from Voyage Dallas Magazine – May 30, 2019

In October of 2014, I decided to take my next step and join Panther City Salon as a lease stylist, it was a scary leap for me at the time but I knew it was the right step I needed. While continuing to build my clientele at Panther City Salon, Mandy Skaggs was referred to me and this is when I found my purpose. Mandy is head of a non-profit organization called House of Hope for Autism. What they do is basically help with the social isolation that comes with a diagnosis on the spectrum. Mandy asked me if I would be willing to help her and I was ecstatic.

In January of 2017, we had our first sensory haircut party hosted out of her house. That was the day that changed my outlook on life. It took two stylist and six handlers to complete our first haircut. It required speed patience trust and being able to cut at all angles. Today, that same kiddo stands in front of one stylist and gets his haircut like a champ.

From that first day, we have evolved into opening the salon the first Sunday of every other month for sensory cuts. We turn off the lights the music and pretty much let the kids roam the salon and get comfortable and then proceed to cut their hair. People don’t understand how big of a deal this is to the 10 families we currently have. I’m always spreading the word and inviting as many families as possible to these events. I have a couple of stylists that volunteer their time with me and I’m forever grateful because it definitely takes a village. But at the end of those Sunday’s, the three hours of my time I give up for those families is worth it time and time again.

I’m super thankful to be in a salon that allows me the freedom to host these families and to help be the little bit of normalcy in their lives.

You can read the whole article here:

Taryn Giving a Sensory Haircut

Taryn Giving a Sensory Haircut

Posted on July 9, 2019 .

Panther City Salon Angel Tree

Panther City Salon has some special Angels on our tree this year!  We have teamed up with House of Hope for Autism to provide some special wants and needs for our House of Hope families for Christmas. 

We are adopting families and will present the gifts to them at the House of Hope holiday party on December 16th.  We’re blessed to be able to bring joy to these families and hug them a little harder this time of year!

Angel Tree.png
Posted on December 13, 2018 .

Traffick911 Fundraiser

Traffick Logo.jpg

All proceeds for the raffle will go towards Traffick911. Traffick911 is a team of passionate people who are driven to free youth from sex trafficking.

Traffick911 began in 2009 by a local abolitionist who learned about this crime and decided that she couldn't stay silent. After months of research and connecting to networks across the nation, she pioneered training youth and first responders across Texas and built an enormous base of highly-trained volunteers, who have been instrumental in Traffick911's long-term success.

In 2011, an opportunity to present at a juvenile detention center gave insight on what became a highly effective venue for reaching high-risk youth. Since then, Traffick911's work in partnering with juvenile detention centers has gained national exposure and hundreds of victims have been identified sitting in these jail cells. Outreach to high-risk youth has become a niche and passion of Traffick911.

Traffick911 was named Outstanding Organization of the Year by the Fort Worth Commission for Women with commendations by the Fort Worth City Council, mayor and a State Senator. We have also been recognized by Homeland Security Investigations as a most-valued partner in this battle to save our American children from sex trafficking.

Raffle tickets are $5 each. We accept cash or Venmo. If you choose to Venmo, please Venmo either @rebeccafoster1221 or @madison-villo.

The more entries purchased, the more likely you are to win!

Drawing for the raffle will be December 22nd.

Basket One:

Design Me Fab Me Spray: $25

Wet Brush: $12

Verb Ghost Oil: $18

Verb Hairspray: $18

Evo Shebang-a-bang: $29

Babyliss Pro Flat Iron: $115

Total Value: $218

Basket One.jpeg


Basket Two:

Living Proof Body Builder Texture Spray: $29

Amika Velveteen Dream Smoothing Balm: $34

Amika The Wizard Detangling Primer: $27

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash: $29

Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse: $29

Babyliss Pro Blow Dryer: $80

Total Value: $228

Basket Two.jpeg



Posted on December 13, 2018 .

Fall at the Salon

Fall has arrived! We love the rich, warm colors of autumn and can't wait to have you feeling fabulous. Come see us for a new cut, style, or color to start the season off right.

Stop by the salon this Friday, Sept. 28th from 11-3pm to shop the traveling Soulful Gypsy. This fashion-filled mobile shop has the perfect outfits and accessories. So, come get yourself something new and pretty for fall. You deserve it.   

PS. After shopping, come see us for a quick and beautiful Blow Out to start your weekend off right! Call us to schedule - 817.921.1700


Come see our braid bar next week at Wanderer! Oct 5th 5-8pm @ Wanderer 
Shopping, Drinks, Bites, Braid Bar, Photo Booth, and more! 10% off everything! Wander is a darling boutique on Magnolia offering all kinds of pretty things for babes who wander. Come see us and support local businesses! 


FYI - The salon will be closing early Thursday, Oct. 18th for a team meeting. Thanks for understanding! 

September Babes - Happy Birthday Kayla C, Nicky, and Brandon!
We love you, you're wonderful, an we can't image life or the Salon without you.
Same for you all ..... Happy late Birthday!!  
 - Cristen, Charlie, and Kayla  |  June - Taylor  |  July - Megan R, Jacky, Briana, and Tarin

CONGRATS to Christina Cruz-Terrell and her love on their wedding this summer!!! Cheers to many, many years of happiness and love.  

Panther City Salon Latest Looks

Posted on October 3, 2018 .