Hey World!
This is Wyatt. He's the new & only dose of the "Mans Man" in the salon. 
His books are booking up, but he's ready for you new-be's. Don't be shy!

If you are an existing client, I suggest you prebook. He is booking up quickly and we don't want anyone to go without. So feel free to reach out to us!

Wyatt enjoys Whiskey&Music. You may recognize him from bangin' on the drums around town! Wyatt is a pretty well rounded stylist. Being in the industry 10 years, he's seen it all! His scissor over comb for the fellas & short haired clients is amazing. He's also quite crafty with the color. Wyatt has just recently taken up surface painting. As his friend in the real world and coworker in the salon it's been really cool to watch Wyatt tap into his artistic abilities across the board. This dude is KILLER at the balayage technique!! Coincidence between hair and canvas? I think not!! 

Welcome Wyatt and show him some love!

Posted on February 5, 2015 .