Thoroughly Modern Megan!

Meeeeooowwww....right?! I know! This beauty is Megan! If you haven't come by and met her yet allow me to personally invite you! FELLAS...this girl has a DOPE fade! Seriously!! So clean and so seamless, none of you will walk away less than thrilled. Just allow me to touch on this one more time...she is AMAZING at mens cuts!! Dude and let me tell you, this girl and make up is freakin awesome! She's into classic make up, no doubt. I have seen some really good FX make up in my time....some of it by Megan. I'm talking theatrical make up! Bruises, Blood, and FANTASY! So seriously, she's also really, really, creative with color. The depths of this ladies brain is outstanding! She is so very passionate, so very creative, and so very consistent. Megan is a very NATURAL beauty. I know she's the bee's-knee's with all the super creative elements of our industry. Making natural, flawless color is just as creative. She's gifted there too! May your hair needs Rest in Peace, Megan is here. Check out her bio on , you know the drill. Or Instagram @ megan_panthercity

Posted on March 11, 2015 .