How Jodi Anderson Is Using Her Gifts

Excerpt from Dallas Voyage Magazine June 5, 2019

My whole life art and people are simply two things I could not get enough of. I knew growing up God gave me a talent and I simply needed to figure out how to put it into perspective!

Hair has been my passion since I could remember… I started getting in trouble early on cutting my dolls and barbies hair (haha) then moved up to doing all my friend’s hair from kitchen coloring to braids for sporting events and dances. I never thought “I could make it solely on hair” so I made sure to start my journey off by going to school to get my business degree just to ensure a steady livelihood for myself. As I sat day in and out behind a desk listening to professors, taking long credit hours, almost falling asleep daily to ‘numbers’ I knew I needed to get my hands dirty and dip my life into COLOR!

Panther City Salon is where I call home! I am surrounded by what I consider legends, teachers, and artists in this industry! Over the last few years, my mind has exploded with more and more passion/love of the industry. Every day, I walk into the doors is a new challenge! It’s defiantly not always easy and has its ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade what I do for the world.

There honestly isn’t one thing in the hair industry I don’t like to do. My co-workers would tell you that my strengths are color, formal styling, hospitality. The detail and time I put into my work are what I would say sets me apart. Color and placement ring a little tune in my ear it just is something I love to do whether it’s a redhead or a blonde I find beauty in it all.

Styling… is therapeutic and challenging, from freestyle to pictures I love to create an idea in front of me! My goal is to always have my clients leave amazed and overjoyed, excited for their next adventure with me!

I consider my talent for hair a gift! I have always tried to give back what the Lord has blessed me with. Whether it be my time, money, or services to those in need. Making a living doing what I love is simply a bonus.

One day, I hope to fulfill my dreams of having a team of stylists go from the inner city to as far as overseas creating a mission of beauty is love! Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, why not spread love like confetti!? Proverbs 3:27-28. A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” The Lord has created me in His image to share all he has to offer… whether that be kindness in the work of my hands or the words I speak! We all are fearfully and wonderfully made perfect in His image!

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Stylist Jodi Anderson

Stylist Jodi Anderson

Posted on September 23, 2019 .