Let's talk about Jacky!

It is my privilege and my honor to talk to you Facebook-ians about Jacky. Jacky is our in-house MASTERMIND! She’s so dang smart. Jacky has been in the industry for almost a trillion years. Jacky is also a Wella Educator. That means she travels to schools & salons on behalf of Wella, which is a color company, and teaches the latest and greatest! If you want to talk hair down to the hair structure, molecules, and all that fancy jargon, Jacky is your girl! She has been with the company for bascially a trillion years as well ! Jacky is good at like...everything. Seriously. If you want to know more check out her full bio on www.panthercitysalon.com! OR, you know what you could also do? That’s right..you guessed it! INSTAGRAM! @jackyreyna

Posted on February 5, 2015 .