First impressions leave a lasting impression...right?

Today was our first day of business at Panther City Salon. We started the day off by going to the FWSI networking meeting. "The Chamber  of Commerce for Magnolia",  if you will. I got to introduce the Salon to Business Owners in our neighborhood. Expecting nothing but hoping for the world, I invited everyone to stop by. 

We had 4 guests from the FWSI meeting pop in. While that number may seem small...the encouragement and love we were left with was overwhelming.

 Each person commented on how beautiful the Salon is. We got so many compliments! The look and feel of any business is crucial to it's success. But at the end of the day the Salon is just made up of walls and things. Monetary things that wear and tear and have to be replaced.  In my opinion, you could have the most gorgeous facility in the WORLD and if your Stylists are mediocre and the work your putting out is stand apart how?

I'll tell you what shocked me the most about today. All four people that came in said the same thing. It baffled me. It really did.

The first gentleman that came in caught me off guard. He said "I thought today was your first day of business?"

"Yes sir, today is the first day we've been open." 

"I expected to come in and see you and maybe a few Stylists...but y'all are busy!" 

WHAT?? You expect me to come to this big to-do meeting, invite you into our home, and have nothing to show other than pretty art and things?? 

I had a realization today. I know what makes Panther City Salon stand out. It's the people in it. We have a team of incredible ladies. A team of goal setters. A team of dream chasers. A team that expects perfection. A team with character, integrity, and undeniable talent. A team that is not scared to dream big and hit the pavement running towards it. The things that aren't monetary or superficial we focus on the most.  I think, based off the reaction we received today, that's what sets us apart. At Panther City Salon, The Law of Attraction is something we live by. What you put out you get back in return.

We are fortunate enough to watch that play out today. We are excited to show Fort Worth what we are made was just the first step. We certainly put our best foot forward. 

Posted on October 2, 2014 .