From An Artist Perspective

"Does anyone know why I break my back for my clients? Come in early, stay late, or even coming in on my days off. Give them my personal phone number to reach out to me for any reason at all. Because Im thankful for you. I appreciate you. Your the reason for the roof over my head. Your the reason I have water, electricity and a car to drive to work. Your the reason Im able to eat and have nice clothes to wear everyday. I do very well for myself, and I owe it to you.

It pays itself off when I see you smile, when you see yourself in the mirror as your self confidence immediately raises. My work here is done.

Does anyone know why I get my feelings hurt and so discouraged when my clients cancel last minute or no-show me? Because its possible, that's the reason my electricity or water was shut off. That may have been the last bit of money I needed to pay my rent. Or even as silly as it sounds, That may even be the reason I didn't get to eat lunch that day. All real artists can say they've truly experience the meaning of struggling. I live off of passion and dreams and I will not give this up for "steady income". I would rather starve. Money doesn't fall into my lap. I work for it. I get paid off of the services I perform, not for showing up to the salon. The client doesn't show, I don't make money.

In order to get respect and appreciation, you have to give it.

I work with your schedules to the very best of my ability and I respect what you do to make a living. And this is how I chose to make mine.

When I put you on my schedule, it's because I trust you.

So tell me, Do you appreciate your artist?"

Written by Heather Paige Lankford 👏👏 

Posted on January 3, 2015 .