Sarah is surely your Gal! Sarah. Sarah is another one of our machines! Nothing is out of reach for her. She has a pretty keen eye for color. Sarah is extremely talented with Balayage and Free Hand Painting. She's quick, precise, and excited about the process along the way. Whenever you come and get ANY service from Sarah you can expect a pretty amazing finish out! So you can walk out feeling 10 times more fantastic than you did before you came in! She does make up also! Sarah is one of our "in house" Make Up Artists. If you need make up in salon or off site, this is your girl. Feel free to find her on Instagram! @sarah_panthercity41 She is always posting pictures of her work, so be sure and check it out! Remember, if you want to come see Sarah, booking with her is your best bet! Don't forget! 817.921.1700

Posted on March 11, 2015 .

Heeeeere's Heather!!

Jump in, Jump out, and intooor intoooooor-duce yourself! HEATHER!! Oh Heather, what a pistol! I know we all love what we do for a living here at Panther City Salon….but Heather REALLY loves her job! You can just tell. You can feel her energy, it’s contagious. With that being said you will leave Heather feeling like a TRILLION bucks and like you can take over the WORLD! She has been licensed for 3 years. We have another loaded educator on our hands. Heather also educates for Sebastian. This is something she is very passionate about and very active with. Keep that in mind when you want to schedule with her. She’s a busy lady on the road spreading Sebastian love and education! I want to give a extra special pat on the back for all her hard work on the What's Next Awards Competition! Curious?! You should be. Check out her Instagram, as she is very active and interesting to follow! @heatherpaigelankford

Posted on March 11, 2015 .

Valentines Day is our FAVORITE!

Hey peeps! This upcoming week we will be offering 20% off services Monday through Friday to get you all ready for Valentine's day. Saturday, February 14th we will be having a dessert food truck come out and give the FIRST 100 guests free cupcakes! Also, we will be offering 1/2 off diamax blowouts and 1/2 off scalp renew treatments for Her and Him on Saturday. Come on by!!

Posted on February 5, 2015 .


Hey World!
This is Wyatt. He's the new & only dose of the "Mans Man" in the salon. 
His books are booking up, but he's ready for you new-be's. Don't be shy!

If you are an existing client, I suggest you prebook. He is booking up quickly and we don't want anyone to go without. So feel free to reach out to us!

Wyatt enjoys Whiskey&Music. You may recognize him from bangin' on the drums around town! Wyatt is a pretty well rounded stylist. Being in the industry 10 years, he's seen it all! His scissor over comb for the fellas & short haired clients is amazing. He's also quite crafty with the color. Wyatt has just recently taken up surface painting. As his friend in the real world and coworker in the salon it's been really cool to watch Wyatt tap into his artistic abilities across the board. This dude is KILLER at the balayage technique!! Coincidence between hair and canvas? I think not!! 

Welcome Wyatt and show him some love!

Posted on February 5, 2015 .

Let me introduce Lindsey to you!

It’s that time again! Let me introduce you to another one of my fine ladies! Today we’re talking ‘bout Lindsey. Lindsey is certainly one of a kind! Imaginative and ambitious with her craft, she can surely create something JUST for you! Not only can she give you fantastic hair but I guarantee you the conversation and customer service you will receive from Lindsey is TOP of the line. She has a keen eye for detail and communication. In our industry that’s a must! Feel free to take a look at some of her work on our Facebook Page, our Instagram, and even her own Facebook! Be prepared to be blown away! If you want to know more check out her full bio! It’s Instafamous time! Check her out! @lindsey.panthercity

Posted on February 5, 2015 .

Let's talk about Jacky!

It is my privilege and my honor to talk to you Facebook-ians about Jacky. Jacky is our in-house MASTERMIND! She’s so dang smart. Jacky has been in the industry for almost a trillion years. Jacky is also a Wella Educator. That means she travels to schools & salons on behalf of Wella, which is a color company, and teaches the latest and greatest! If you want to talk hair down to the hair structure, molecules, and all that fancy jargon, Jacky is your girl! She has been with the company for bascially a trillion years as well ! Jacky is good at like...everything. Seriously. If you want to know more check out her full bio on! OR, you know what you could also do? That’s guessed it! INSTAGRAM! @jackyreyna

Posted on February 5, 2015 .

Ayyy it's TARYN time!

Aye yall, have you met Taryn? There is NEVER a dull moment while Taryn is around! I’m certain that her clients always have an entertaining appointment. Let me tell you what she’s real good at real quick. Taryn is the Pixie MASTA! She’s also very creative with her color formulations. If you want fantasy hair, she’s got you. Perhaps a more natural look is up your alley. Don’t worry, nothing is out of reach for this broad! With almost 10 years of experience under her belt she’s made it a point to stay current with the newest techniques! If you want to know more check out her full bio! Why not, check her out on Instagram! @tarynpynky1

Posted on February 5, 2015 .

Introducing Kari

Allow me to introduce to you one of the most lovely, Kari. Kari has been in the industry for almost 5 years. Go ahead and give her a round of applause for making the Sebastian Education Team! What an achievement! One thing Kari really enjoys is precision cuts. She’s fantastic at mens cuts! If you want to know more check out her full bio on! She would just LOVE for you to follow her on her Instagram! @notkarikalvig
To book with Kari, please call 817.921.1700

Posted on February 5, 2015 .

From An Artist Perspective

"Does anyone know why I break my back for my clients? Come in early, stay late, or even coming in on my days off. Give them my personal phone number to reach out to me for any reason at all. Because Im thankful for you. I appreciate you. Your the reason for the roof over my head. Your the reason I have water, electricity and a car to drive to work. Your the reason Im able to eat and have nice clothes to wear everyday. I do very well for myself, and I owe it to you.

It pays itself off when I see you smile, when you see yourself in the mirror as your self confidence immediately raises. My work here is done.

Does anyone know why I get my feelings hurt and so discouraged when my clients cancel last minute or no-show me? Because its possible, that's the reason my electricity or water was shut off. That may have been the last bit of money I needed to pay my rent. Or even as silly as it sounds, That may even be the reason I didn't get to eat lunch that day. All real artists can say they've truly experience the meaning of struggling. I live off of passion and dreams and I will not give this up for "steady income". I would rather starve. Money doesn't fall into my lap. I work for it. I get paid off of the services I perform, not for showing up to the salon. The client doesn't show, I don't make money.

In order to get respect and appreciation, you have to give it.

I work with your schedules to the very best of my ability and I respect what you do to make a living. And this is how I chose to make mine.

When I put you on my schedule, it's because I trust you.

So tell me, Do you appreciate your artist?"

Written by Heather Paige Lankford 👏👏 

Posted on January 3, 2015 .